Admin Panel

FlashChat includes a powerful administration panel which allows you to add and rermove rooms, view messages, control bans and ignores, and much more. The #1 question from users is usually: how do I login to the admin panel?

If you have integrated FlashChat with a Content Management System or Bulletin Board, then your admin panel login is the same as your CMS or Bulletin Board login. If you are using FlashChat in the so-called "free for all" mode, then your admin login can be found in the /inc/config.php file.

If you are using FlashChat in the registered-users mode, but not integrated with a CMS system or Bulletin Board, then your admin login belongs to the first user who registered, as shown below.

As stated before, if you are using a CMS or Bulletin Board, you should use your CMS login. For example, on I am using FlashChat integrated with phpBB. I would login using my phpBB administrator login. To manage users, I would actually use the phpBB administration interface, however, NOT FlashChat's admin interface.

Once logged in to the admin interface, it's fairly self-explanatory. Please note that PHP session support must be enabled to use the admin interface. If you're having difficulty logging in, but you're able to use FlashChat just fine, then you probably have some bug in your PHP session support. A quick hack to get around the login is to add 3 lines of code to the top of the file, after the include_once line, like this:

$_SESSION['userid'] = 1;
include( 'index.php' );

You file may look something like this:

Quick note: If you get a PHP error when attempting to add a "bot", then it probably means that your bot isn't installed.