Layout Options

FlashChat comes with an advanced layout manager that allows you to set almost any layout imaginable, and disable or re-order most items of the interface. The image below shows the most common options. Re-ordering items in the 'toolbar' and 'optionPanel' array causes a corresponding re-order in the FlashChat layout.

Please note that, as with themes, layout settings are cached locally as Local Shared Objects, which you can think of as "Flash Cookies". Thus, when you change a layout option, you may wish to clear these shared object settings. Here's how...

Shared objects are not stored in your web browser cache or cookie folder. Rather, they are stored in the Macromedia Flash Player folder. On Windows, this location is:

C:\Documents and Settings\[USER]\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects

You can also clear your Flash cookies (shared objects) by using this online tool, provided by Macromedia. This tool will allow you to clear the Flash cookies from your system, and it's a lot faster and safer than mucking around in your system trying to figure out what to delete and not to delete:'8'

After clearing your cookies, try loading FlashChat and see the result! You can read more about Shared Objects in the forum:

Special thanks go out to Veronica for posting this helpful resource!

There are 4 basic user types in FlashChat: Admins (same as Moderators), Users, Customers, and Spies. When you are using FlashChat in so-called "Support Mode", the admin.php file is used as the support person layout, and customer.php is used for general users. When not used in support mode, user.php is the default user layout, and admin.php is used for chat moderators. spy.php is a special layout for so-called "spy mode", which allows you to remain invisible to other chatters. Spies can view chats, but not contribute to chats, which is why most of their layout options are disabled. Participating in a chat would essentially "blow the cover" of the spy!

You'll probably notice that the FlashChat interface can be re-sized and re-organized by the user. The default interface sizes and panel docking can be specified in the 'constraints' section of each layout file. For example, if you want the room list to appear on the left instead of the right side of the screen, you would change:

'position' => RIGHT


'position' => LEFT

The same rule regarding Flash shared objects applied to the layout constraints. They are saved locally, so if you do not see the effect of your changes, please clear your Flash Shared Objects first, then re-load FlashChat.