Optimizing FlashChat

by RuAnSoft

You may wish to optimize FlashChat operation depending on your server's CPU speed, memory, and overall load. For example, if you are using a shared web server, this is important so that your chat does not consume excessive server resources.

Be sure to backup any files that you change, before editing them.

  1. Disable bots. In /inc/config.php set 'enableBots' => false   In the event that bots are enabled, you should disable bot avatars in the admin section. In general, the more avatars that are visible, the slower your chat will operate.

  2. Use stateless CMS instead of integrating FlashChat with a content management system or bulletin board. In /inc/config.php set 'CMSsystem' => '' Pleaes be aware that this will allow any user to log into FlashChat without registering, and the moderator password is the one set in /inc/config.php

  3. Disable smilies. In /inc/layouts/user.php set 'smilies' => false

  4. Enable the clear button, so that users can clear their chat log without refreshing. in In /inc/layouts/user.php set 'clear'=> true

  5. Use default Macintosh Aqua skin. In config.php set
    //Themes config
    'themes' => array(),
    'defaultTheme' => 'macintosh',

    //Skins config (available skins in /inc/skins; example: 'defaultSkin' => <swf_name>)
    'skin' => array(),
    'defaultSkin' => 'aqua_skin',

  6. Do not use background images. Or, use only small SWF backgrounds, instead of JPG backgrounds.
    In all of your theme files, like /inc/themes/macintosh.php:
    'dialogBackgroundImage' => '', //JPG or SWF
    'backgroundImage' => '', //JPG or SWF

  7. Disable the "Option" tab for users. In /inc/layouts/user.php set
    'themes' => false,
    'text' => false,
    'effects' => false,

  8. Do not use modules. In /inc/config.php set
    'module' => array(
    'anchor' => 0,
    'path' => '',
    'stretch' => false

  9. Get a dedicated server and enable the Socket Server option of FlashChat. In 4.0.12 the Socket Server was a beta version only, and works best with Windows servers.