Adding FlashChat to the phpBB v. 2.0.1x Template

IMPORTANT: Some users have noted that the current phpBB2CMS.php file doesn't work with their version of phpBB (i.e., while running install.php, they do not see the phpBB database parameters, as they should). If you do not see the phpBB database info, try opening /inc/cmses/phpBB2CMS.php in a text editor, like TextPad ( and change this line:

'pref' => $GLOBALS['table_prefix'] . "fc_",

To this:

'pref' => $GLOBALS['table_prefix'],

In other words, remove the extra "fc_" extension. Special thanks to Kelly - aka klj2000 - for pointing this out! For more information on this issue, visit the FlashChat bulletin board at

Update the phpBB template with the FlashChat link

Locate the templates/subSilver subdirectory of the phpBB2 document root. If you are not using the subSilver template, then identify the directory of the template that you are using.

Now, you will need to edit the "overall_header.tpl" file within the "subSilver" template (or whichever template you are using). I recommend that you open this file in an advanced text editor like TextPad or EditPlus, but not Windows Notepad (or anything made my Microsoft, for that matter).

Locate this text:

<!-- END switch_user_logged_out -->

And add the following text IMMEDIATELY after it:

<!-- BEGIN switch_user_logged_in -->
&nbsp;<a href="chat/flashchat.php" class="mainmenu" target="flashchat">
<img src="templates/subSilver/images/icon_mini_register.gif" width="12"
height="13" border="0" alt="Start FlashChat" hspace="3" />FlashChat</a></span>&nbsp;
<!-- END switch_user_logged_in -->

If you would like FlashChat to load into a new window every time the user clicks on this link, you may change the target="flashchat" to target="_blank". After making this change re-upload the overall_header.tpl file to your web server, and then refresh the phpBB page. if you are logged in, you'll see the new FlashChat link in the upper right corner of your screen, as shown below.