Editing Smilies

by Veronica Transa

This tutorial requires Flash 2004 Professional version. You can download a free, 30-day trial of Flash 2004 Pro from Macromedia.

For this tutorial, we will edit the "clap" smilie, smi_clap. First, open smilies.fla, located in the "src" folder which comes with FlashChat. Choose the Window -> Library option. in the Library window, scroll down until you find the Movie Clip named smi_clap. Double-click on this Library item to edit it.

Now, you can edit the smilie as you wish, or import your own icon by choosing file -> import to the stage. Make sure that you put your image exactly where the existing smilie is. Also, you should ensure that your imported image or SWF is 15 x 15 pixels, or proportional to 15 x 15.

Publish/export smiles.fla, and overwrite smiles.swf, then upload this to your server. You can now change the code in /inc/config.php so that the edited smilie uses a different text code. Please be careful that you do not introduce any PHP syntax errors when editing this file. You should only change the right-hand side of the PHP expression.

Save and upload both /inc/config.php and smilies.swf to their respective places on your server, and you're done!

Good luck.