Web Radio Module

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This module only works within the Mozilla Firefox web browser. It does not work on Internet Explorer, due to a bug in ActiveX's interaction with the Flash Player. This bug is not fixed in the most recent versions of IE or the Flash Player. Using Firefox is presently the only solution.

The Idea

Users can now listen to web radio while chatting, provided that they are using Mozilla Firefox.

The list of stations is controlled by the chat administrator by editing an XML configuration file that resides on the server. Please be aware that not all stations may be online at all times, and stations go out of business frequently. Thus, the stations.xml file that is provided to you at the time of purchase may need updating. Fortunately, you can update this list very easily, since web radio stations are abundant these days. You just need a station URL and a good text editor, like Textpad, to edit stations.xml.


Locate the 'config.php' file within FlashChat's 'inc' folder. Open using a good text editor, like Textpad, and be very careful not to introduce PHP errors while editing. Be sure to backup your original config.php file, just in case you need to restore it.

Scroll down to the 'module' settings, and change the 'path' property to match the SWF path of the web radio module. For example, like this:

	 'module' => array(
		'anchor'  => 0,
		'path'    => 'modules/web_radio/webradio.swf',
		'stretch' => true,
		'float_x' => 300,
		'float_y' => 200,
		'float_w' => 100,
		'float_h' => 100,

I recommend setting 'anchor' to 0, and 'stretch' to true for this module, so that the viewable area of the web radio interface will stretch to accomodate the full space available to it. You can ignore float_x, float_y, float_w, and float_h for now. If you change 'anchor' to -1, then you may wish to adjust the float values.

The important thing is to ensure that 'path' is set correctly. If you put the module files in a folder other than "web_radio", or if you recompiled the SWF using a different name, then obviously you'll have to adjust the 'path' value accordingly.


Each station is configured using this XML block:

	<station url="">
<name>Chronix Radio</name>

You can add as many stations as you want. The <genre> values should be consistent to ensure that the stations can be correctly sorted. If you sort by genre and notice that one or two stations is "orphaned" by the sort, please check for spelling and capitalization inconsistencies in the <genre> tag.

Let's take a look at some of the XML options in config.xml:

<width> = The default interface width, when 'stretch' is set to false in config.php.

<height> = The default interface height, when 'stretch' is set to false in config.php.

<sort_by> = The default sort field - choices are name or genre

<sort_type> = The default sort type - choices are ASC or DESC

<genre...> = The font style and indentation of the Genre titles, when sorting by genre.

<name_text> & all other tags = Basic text tags so that you can change the interface text without having to open the Flash .fla files, which would require Flash 2004 Professional.

Please remember to save your config.xml and banners.xml using UTF-8 format.