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osDate is a professional-grade, open-source PHP/MySQL dating script. It is distributed under the General Public License (GPL), with the only restriction that you should not take credit for the development of osDate, and if you make improvements to osDate, you should share your code with the entire osDate community by uploading it to the osDate Code Depot.

Please choose from these documentation topics. More will be added as osDate is developed.

About osDate

Legal and License Questions
What's new in osDate 1.x
What's new in osDate 2.x

Installation and Configuration

Installing or Upgrading osDate
Special Notes regarding 1.x to 2.x Upgrades
Post-Installation Configuration
Search-engine friendly URLs

Chat & Forum

Setting up a Forum
Integrating FlashChat with osDate
Integrating FlashBB with osDate

Using osDate

Messaging Among Users in osDate 1.x
Messaging Among Users in osDate 2.x
Picture Editor
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Administering osDate

Admin Permissions
Chat / Forum Admin
Adding Zip Code Support
User Table Management
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Making money with osDate

Getting Started
PayPal Integration | PayPal Data Transfer
2CheckOut.com Integration
Authorize.net Integration

Extending osDate

Adding and changing templates
Template Management
Plugin Coding
User Permissions
Adding new languages to osDate
How you can help with osDate development

osDate is (c) 2005-7 TUFaT.com, All Rights Reserved. It is distributed free of charge under the LGPL License.

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