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php/mysql scripts

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Customizable Flash Chat Room and Live Support system for your PHP/MySQL-enabled website. Try it now!

Flash MP3 Player and Component

Add an MP3 player to your website, or to your Flash projects!

Skinnable Flash Web Radio Applet

Add an XML-controlled Flash web radio player to your website quickly (no Flash programming needed!). Choose from 11 web radio skins (adapted from Winamp).


Free, open-source dating system.

GPix Pixel Ad Script

A free million pixel advertising script, based on the milliondollarhomepage.com concept.

GLink Word Link Script

A free word link ad script, similar to other more expensive word link scripts.

html2ps and html2pdf

Convert HTML to PostScript or PDF. Supports over 500 HTML and CSS tags and properties.

Flash Video Component

Add FLV video to any of your Flash projects in seconds.


Design Postcards and Business Cards with a sleek Flash interface, and preview them in a protected PDF document.


Create your family tree online, and share it with family members all over the world.

Gallery by Dali

The most powerful gallery yet. Highly customizable, with over 50 configuration options.


Website Content Management, using DHTML layers for maximum design flexibility.


Create greeting cards in Flash, and email them to your friends all over the world.


This is a clone of FlashEarth, the popular Flash-based mapping system that combines elements of many online mapping tools into a single interface.


Flash WYSIWYG textarea replacement

Webmaster and SEO Toolkit #1

Popular webmaster and seo tools for your website.

Flash Guestbook

Allow visitors to post not just a title and message, but also a quick sketch!


Flash replacement for phpMyAdmin. Manage your MySQL database without any page refreshes.

Mortgage Calculators

Popular mortgage and financial calculators for your website.


Share your poetry and stories online, and allow others to contribute. Includes several advanced templates.


PDF Reports for MySQL, with a sleek Flash interface (formerly MyPDF).

Stock Applets

Stock Tickers, Currency, and Forex applets that interface with Yahoo! Finance.


Flash bulletin board built on the phpBB and vBulletin engines (a Flash skin for phpBB or vBulletin). Now updated for the latest versions of both phpBB and vBulletin!

Datagrid Extensions

Enhance the Flash Datagrid Component. Includes Flash 6 and Flash 7 versions, with examples and API.

Audio Video Module Pack for FlashChat

Add A/V functionality to FlashChat (requires Flash Media Server)


Database and Web Backup System

SEO Tools and Webmaster Resources (3)

Search Engine Optimization scripts and tools for developers.

FlashChat Skins (7)

Sleek-looking interface designs for FlashChat 5.x

FlashChat Fonts & Advanced Add-ons (10)

Add more custom fonts to FlashChat 5.x

osDate Skins (51)

Custom designed skin files.

GPix & GLink Skins (10)

Custom designed skin files.

Flash Video (7)

Component and Applets that play Flash Video (.flv files)

Fonts for FlashCard and MyCard (10)

Expand FlashCard and MyCard with over 300 fonts!

Stock/Financial Flash applets (10)

Small Flash programs for your business website.

Flash RSS and Atom Readers (14)

XML-based RSS and Atom Readers for your website

Flash Applets (27)

Small Flash programs to enhance your website.

Flash Menus (14)

XML-based Flash menus for your website

Advanced Flash Systems (10)

Flash systems for your website

Flash Image Galleries (13)

Display your portfolio with style!

Flash Components (14)

Flash UI Components, including the DataGrid Extensions

PHP/MySQL Systems (10)

Family Tree Builder, Website Content Management, Inspirational Message System

FREE / GPL Scripts (6)

100% free and open-source software for the PHP community

Google Maps Systems (3)

PHP systems that interface with Google Maps

License & Copyright Information

Support Forum

HTML for Beginners

Java Instructional Pages

PHP Documentation


EasySite Demo


version 3.2.8

Create a content-managed website quickly, with no programming! Similar to site-builders like Geocities. EasySite is the only layer-based CMS of its kind. That means that all content areas & menus are DHTML layers which can be positioned anywhere!

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·PHP 4.3.0 or higher
·MySQL 3.23 or higher
·Ability to change the permissions of files and folders

What You Get

·All files needed to install this script on your PHP-enabled web server.
·Web-based Installation Wizard (install.php) to help you get the script up and running quickly.
·Free user-to-user support.
·Free upgrades!

Useful Links and Resources

Code Depot Freely download code that has been contributed by the TUFaT.com community of users.
Change Log A record of the changes and improvements that have been made.
Thanks! A special thanks to all of these individuals & organizations, who have helped make EasySite a success.
Documentation Online Documentation

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EasySite Feature Gallery

Full-featured, highly customizable e-commerce system built-in. Set up an online store quickly and easily with EasySite, and link it to PayPal.view

Advanced template editor allows you to change any template section quickly, without any HTML. EasySite does this by means of layers and CSS, ensuring that you can achieve nearly any design in just minutes. This is why EasySite is called the "Designer's Content Management" system.view

Advanced product options for the integrated e-commerce system, including the ability to auto-generate thumbnails, and set infinitely-many attributes for each product.view

Customizable shopping cart for use with the integrated e-commerce system.view

Over a dozen options are available for the shopping cart behavior and layout.view

Automatic backup feature allows you to schedule backups of any or all of the database (requires use of a Cron job). view

Powerful backup feature enables you to quickly backup any or all of your website with just one click. You can also create "selective backups", which permit you to backup any part of the system. Thus, if you usually only edit the pages, you can just backup the pages, etc.view

Simple installation wizard gets you up and running quickly.view

Installation involves just a few steps: check your server environment, and input your database parameters into the installation wizard. As long as you have MySQL set up on your server, you should be able to install EasySite very quickly.view

The installer comes with an easy upgrader, so that you never have to worry about complex upgrade procedures.view

E-mail blast feature permits you to send mass e-mails, and even manage mailing lists. You can also send attachments with your emails and CC or BCC users.view

The form editor tool allows you to add any type of form element, including text fields, text areas, radio button groups, checkboxes, select lists, date drop-down lists, and much more.view

Over two dozen form options are available to control the layout and behavior of any form.view

Gateway settings in the integrated e-commerce module allows you to quickly set up PayPal or 2CheckOut.com for use with your shopping cart.view

Powerful template editor for your e-commerce products allows you to quickly change the product layout without any HTML programming.view

EasySite really stands apart from the competition in its use of layers for design elements. You can truly make your website look any way that you want through the use of layers. Position any layer at any coordinate position and z-index.view

Manage lists of information, which can be used in forms and other parts of your system. Editing the list in one location (the lists tool) updates it throughout your system.view

Menu tool allows you to update the DHTML menus quickly (and of course, without any programming) just by clicking.view

Over three dozen menu options enable you to make your DHTML menus look any way conceivable. You can also make the menu items "sticky" so that they stick when on the designated page, and use image rollovers for menu items.view

Advanced WYSIWYG page editor allows you to create and update pages like a word processor (requires IE or Mozilla). Embed images and add popup images to the embedded images (so that you can create "click here for larger version" options).view

Advanced polling module enables you to poll visitors and view the results in a simple report.view

Create "receipts" for your e-commerce customers from an email template. This receipt can be sent out to customers when a purchase is made. Supports several template variables (the items in { and } ).view

Powerful report tool enables you to create reports from submitted form data, and add sorting, grouping, and filtering options to the report.view

Quickly restore system data using the restore tool. Any backup or selective backup which was created with the backup tool can be restored, so that you can either restore the entire system or any single part of the system.view

Share any system resource with any user or group (i.e., users and groups created with the "Users and Groups" tool).view

Advanced CSS style editor. Never edit a style sheet again! This tool takes care of it all. Includes popup color selectors.view


The license for EasySite permits single use only.This means that for web server scripts, such as those using PHP/MySQL/Flash/XML, you can use the software on a single website, and any sub-domains or parked domains of the website. The exception to this are the Flash Components, such as the Datagrid Extensions, which can be used on multiple projects.
You may not re-distribute or re-sell this software under any circumstances. If you are a web service provider with many customers, you can purchase multiple licenses of EasySite on behalf of your customers, but it should be clear to your users that the software is from TUFaT.com.
You should not take credit for the development of EasySite, or claim copyright ownership over this software.
If this license description is unclear in any way, just use this rule of thumb: I don't want people to attempt to compete with me on the distribution or sale of these scripts. So, if you're doing something which allows people to get this software without first going through TUFaT.com, then you're probably violating the license.
Please remember that I am a single developer who is strongly dependent on sales from TUFaT.com for my livelihood, and upgrades to these scripts - which you get for free with your purchase - depend on the sales volume. Thus, if a lot of people buy script X, then it's very likely to be upgraded a lot more in the months and years to come, and you'll reap the benefits of these upgrades. I generally put 100% of the income from sales back into development.

What's Cooking?

New Features Planned for EasySiteThe e-commerce system will be upgraded extensively in 2005. Several custom skins will be added as well, and probably a few interface design improvements to some tools.

This software is found in the following categories on TUFaT.com:
PHP/MySQL Systems

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