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Bluehost is currently one of the most popular web hosting companies. The Endurance International Group owns BlueHost which currently hosts over 2 million websites globally. Since its inception in 2003, BlueHost has made a name for itself in the industry due to its stellar performance.

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  • Reliable Uptime
  • Good Host for WordPress Websites
  • Friendly customer support portal supports several add-ons
  • Multiple free extra features for users
  • Supportive of future website growth
  • Automatic Backups come at a fee
  • Supports only Linux-based Hosting
  • All Data centers are US-based
  • Site migration comes at a fee
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Bulehost company has been around for a while and has served as a welcoming platform for a lot of website owners. Check online and you will find a lot of impressive reviews about this web host.  However, is BlueHost as good as reflected in these customers’ reviews?

This review will provide answers to all the possible questions you may have about BlueHost.


BlueHost has a wide range of offers that include:

  1. Shared Hosting plans
  2. Cloud Hosting plans
  3. Virtual private server plans
  4. WordPress optimized plans

Shared Hosting Plan

BluetHost’s shared hosting plan is the cheapest option for you if you do not have huge technical needs. BluetHost has four shared hosting options namely: Basic plan, Plus plan, Choice Plus plan and Pro plan.

The basic plan entitles you to:

  1. 1 website
  2. Unlimited number of visitors
  3. 50GB storage
  4. Free domain name for the first year
  5. 24 subdomains
  6. 5 email accounts
  7. 20 databases
  8. Unlimited FTP accounts
  9. Free SSL
  10. 30 days refund policy

BlueHost offers exciting discounts in the first year for all its plans. However, the price after renewal for the basic plan is as low as $7.99 monthly with a commitment of 3 months.  The basic plan does not come with advanced backup or a dedicated IP address. Only the Choice Plus and Pro plans come with advanced backup. The Pro plan is the  only plan that entitles customers to a dedicated IP.

With the Plus Plan, you get the following:

  1. Unlimited websites
  2. Unlimited number of visitors
  3. Unlimited storage
  4. Free domain name for the first year
  5. Unlimited subdomains
  6. Unlimited email accounts
  7. Unlimited databases
  8. Unlimited FTP accounts
  9. Free SSL
  10. 30 days refund policy

The price for renewal for the Plus Plan after the first year is as low as $10.99 monthly with a 36 months commitment. It could increase to $12.99 monthly if your commitment is only for 12 months.

The Choice Plus shared hosting plan of BlueHost has similar features as its Plus Plan. However, one of its differences is that you get an advanced database if you opt for this plan. The starting price after renewal is $14.99 monthly with a 36 months commitment.

Lastly, the Pro Plan has the features of all the Choice Plus plan. The major difference is that it comes with a dedicated IP. Bluehost’s Pro Shared Hosting Plan starts at $23.99 monthly with a 36 months commitment.

Cloud Hosting Plans

Bluehost’s cloud hosting plans are suitable for those with projects that are likely to have changing resources’ needs. Cloud hosting plans give you access to more resources that can accommodate more traffic than the shared hosting. There are 3 Bluehost cloud hosting plans namely Starter, Performance and Business Pro. 

With the Starter plan, you get:

  1. 1 website
  2. 100 GB storage
  3. Unlimited bandwidth
  4. 500MB email storage
  5. 2 CPUs
  6. 2GB Ram

The price after renewal starts at $10.95 monthly.

The Performance Plan offers a lot of unlimited features including the number of allowed websites, storage , bandwidth and email storage. Unlike the starter plan, it entitles a user to 4 CPUs and 4GB RAM. The starting price after renewal is $15.95 monthly.

Lastly, the Business Pro Plan also offers a lot of unlimited features just like the Performance Plan. However it differs in the sense that a customer who opts for this plan gets  6 CPUs and 6GB RAM. This plan is the most expensive cloud hosting plan with Bluehost. It starts at $20.95 monthly after renewal.

Virtual Private Server Plans

It is possible that your website needs more resources than the shared hosting plans can offer. In the alternative, you may need a customized server setup and in this case Bluehost’s VPS plan is for you. The storage offered by this plans uses SSD drives which are faster than the usual hard drives.

Bluehost has 3 major VPS namely Standard, Enhanced and Unlimited plans.

With the Standard VPS plan, you get:

  1. 30GB storage
  2. 1 TB Bandwidth
  3. 2 CPU cores
  4. 2GB RAM
  5. 1 dedicated IP Address

The starting price for one year after renewal is $29.99 monthly.

The Enhanced Plan comes with 60GB of storage, 2TB Bandwidth, 2 CPU cores 4GB RAM and 2 dedicated IP addresses.  You can opt for this plan at $59.99 monthly.

Lastly, the Unlimited VPS Plan gives you 120GB storage, 2TB Bandwidth, 4 CPU cores, 8GB RAM and 2 dedicated IP addresses. The Unlimited Plan starts at $119..9 monthly after the first year.

WordPress optimized plans

Bluehost is very popular for its suitability for WordPress optimized sites. Its popularity in this regard stems from the impressive features of its WordPress optimized plans. BlueHost has 4 WP optimized plans which include:

WP Standard

With this plan, you get to host 5 websites. Its features include 30GB webspace, 1TB Bandwidth, 2GB RAM, and 100 million visitors monthly. The plan starts at $39.99 monthly after the first year.

WP Enhanced

This plan allows you to host 10 websites. Its features include 60GB webspace, 2TB Bandwidth, 4GB RAM, and 300 million visitors monthly. The plan starts at $59.99 monthly after the first year.

WP Premium

WP Premium allows you to host 20 WordPress websites. Its features include 120GB webspace, 3TB Bandwidth, 6GB RAM, and 600 million visitors monthly. The plan starts at $89.99 monthly after the first year.

WP Ultimate

WP Ultimate allows you to host 30 WordPress websites. Its features include 240GB webspace, 4TB Bandwidth, 8GB RAM, and unlimited visitors monthly. The plan starts at $129.99 monthly after the first year.

What are the pros of BlueHost?

Reliable Uptime

At the moment, no web host offers 100% uptime but BlueHost offers something really close to that. BlueHost offers an uptime guarantee of about 99.98%. This is a pretty decent uptime average and is currently one of the best offers in the industry.

Good Host for WordPress Websites

All thanks to its BlueRock platform, BlueHost is one of the most impressive options for hosting WordPress websites. The  platform focuses primarily on WordPress websites and improves the  quality of their experience with WordPress. All WordPress websites hosted on this platform get to enjoy NGINX+ caching, free SSL certificate, PHP7, HTTP/2, SSD Drives and WordPress staging. In addition, WordPress highly recommends three web hosts namely DreamHost, SiteGround and BlueHost. This says a lot about the credibility of BlueHost as one of the top-rated web hosts for WordPress websites.

It is easy  to set up on BlueHost 

A lot of personal blogs use BlueHost because signing up and setting up on it is pretty easy. There is a step-by-step-process that adequately simplifies the process of setting up your website via website builder. They also have explanatory tutorials to take newbies through the set-up process. In case you have your site ready and only need to transfer it, they have a File Transfer Protocol (FTP). If you are not familiar with how FTP works, BlueHost has a simplified guide to put you through.

Friendly Customer Support Portal

It is normal that you encounter one form of technicality or the other with your website. therefore, you need a web host with a responsive customer support portal.  BlueHost offers a round-the-clock technical support to attend to their customers. BlueHost also has chat, social media and phone support so users get to utilize their most preferred method of reaching out. They also have a wealthy knowledge database which contains useful documentation, video tutorials and others for users of the platform. This would prove extremely useful if you do not want to use their chat or phone support options.

 Supports Several Add-Ons

One other impressive feature of BlueHost is its ability to accommodate several add-ons to make your website what you want it to be. In essence, a lot of third-party apps can easily be integrated as add-ons on your website. Its cPanel dashboard has a plethora of add-ons that users can install to  optimize their websites.

Multiple Free Extra Features for Users

What BlueHost lacks in some areas, it makes up for it in other areas. One of the extras you get for hosting with BlueHost is one free domain name for your first year. They also offer multiple advertising credits to use on engines such as Bing. If you want to boost the visibility of your websit, you will find these credits really helpful.

Supportive of Future Website Growth

There is a high probability that your website will begin to do well, and you want a web host that will accommodate your growth. When the traffic begins to increase, you need a website host that gives room for seamless upgrade. BlueHost gives you the opportunity to upgrade your hosting package at a pretty decent price.

 What are the cons of BlueHost?

Automatic Backups Come At A Fee

Contrary to what some may believe, BlueHost actually offers automatic backup. However, this is not free. BlueHost offers backup but it is not automatic and you cannot count on them to backup your data daily. You are expected to set this up yourself. However,  they have an add-on called Site Backup Pro that helps to automatically backup the date on your website. However this does not come for free.

Supports only Linux-based Hosting

BlueHost only supports Linux-based hosting and has no provision for Windows hosting. While it is true that Linux is a more common ooperating system, it doesn’t preclude the preference of some people for Windows Hosting. If you fall into that category, then you may want to consider other web hosts.

All its data centres are US based

If your website is targeting traffic in the US, then this is absolutely one other reason you should go for BlueHost as your web host. All its servers are operated in data centers based in the US. However, if your projected traffic is from another region, this is a major disadvantage for you.

Site Migration comes at a fee

Those who already have a web host but feel the need to change to BlueHost will have to pay to transfer their websites. This is a major disadvantage because a lot of other web hosts allow migration at no extra cost. With BlueHost, you will have to pay about $149.99 to transfer as much as 5 websites.


Does Bluehost offer SSL Certificates?

Yes, all Bluehost Hosting plans have the SSL certificates. However, the level of the SSL certificate you get depends on the plan you opt for.

Does Bluehost have any security measures?

The people  at Bluehost understand the importance of security and have therefore put some security measures in place. Hosting with them gives you access to SiteLock protection. Your email accounts also have different spam protection tools. Bluehost also gives access to CloudFlare which protects your sites from SQL injection attacks.

Does Bluehost offer domain name registration?

Yes.One of the perks of most of Bluehost’s plan is access to one free domain name. A lot of their plans also allow you host an unlimited number of domain names. 

Do their plans have hidden fees?

Yes, this is perhaps one of the downsides of Bluehost as they tend to charge for different random features. Their renewal prices after the first year are also a bit high.

Does Bluehost offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, all its plans come with a money-back guarantee. This guarantee however applies only to the first term. Cancellation within the 30 days entitles you to a full refund. Cancellation after the 30 days window only gives you a pro-rated partial refund


Whether or not you should use BlueHost is highly dependent on what purpose your website will serve. If what you want is something for your personal blog or just a small website you should consider BlueHost. It is cheap, secure and very reliable. For your WordPress websites, BlueHost also remains a top choice for you in 2020.


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