DreamHost Reviewed 2020: Best Webhosting Plans, Pros/Cons and Quick Facts

Today’s DreamHost review will be looking at some quick facts about this hosting company. It was established in 1997 and has since grown to have 450,000+ members while providing the best Webhosting services to more than 1.5 million sites around the world.

Over time, DreamHost has earned a name for itself thanks to its advanced web hosting features. To broaden and improve its reliability and portfolio, DreamHost introduced computing services and cloud hosting.

This hosting provider offers different plug-ins with one-click instant installation. As an open-source technology, DreamHost is strongly committed to helping their customers.

Before we dive deeper in our DreamHost review and explore the different hosting plans the company offers, what are the pros and cons of DreamHost hosting?

– Strong security features
– 100% uptime and speed guarantee
– Unlimited bandwidth and data storage
– Includes one-click installation software
– Amazing cloud hosting offerings
– Generous 97-day money-back guarantee
– Useful WordPress staging features.
– Extensive domain-management tools
– Unlimited site hosting on the one account
– Unlimited data transfers every month
– Website builder
– Doesn’t have Window-based servers
– No true reseller hosting
– No telephone support
– Tricky site migration from a cPanel host


The company offers a huge variety of best Webhosting solutions customized for WordPress, e-commerce, and high-traffic sites.

While their starting prices are slightly higher than their competition, they are upfront about DreamHost prices which leave no room for confusion later on.

With their hosting plan, you won’t find any hidden costs plus it comes with unlimited email and website.

Shared Hosting:

You can choose from two shared plans: shared starter and the shared unlimited. It comes with monthly pricing of $2.59 and $5.95 when you buy this service for three years.

Plus it offers a 100% uptime guarantee that is perfect for small businesses.

With the shared hosting, you’ll get unlimited traffic, a free domain, WP website builder, free SSL security certificates and SSD storage.

Additionally, DreamHost offers more advanced features like IPV6 support, PHP7.1 Support, Full CGI access, unlimited MySQL databases, easy control panel, and more.

Also, resources are unmetered/unlimited on all but their cheapest hosting plan: bandwidth, storage, domains and email accounts have no restrictions.

If using WordPress, DreamHost provides you with both manual and pre-installed manual one-click installs. What’s more, you can opt for automatic updates

VPS Hosting

If you use e-commerce or your business is larger, are a developer or a designer, then the VPS plan might just be what you need.

Virtual Private Servers are advantageous since they offer you a dedicated server and come with the higher price tags.

That said, VPS hosting is often more expensive compared to shared hosting since it offers you server resources that are dedicated to your needs.

DreamHost has different exclusive VPS plans that include Basic VPS, Enterprise VPS, Business VPS, and Professional VPS.

These servers offer you Up to 8 GB in RAM, customized control panel, unlimited bandwidth, plus 30 GB to 240 GB in SSD storage

Dedicated Hosting

This hosting option is perfect for websites with high traffic, large eCommerce websites, reseller hosting, etc. A dedicated server offers your website great reliability and speed.

For just $149 a month, you can get a dedicated server from DreamHost. A complete dedicated hosting plan includes DDoS protection, 100% uptime guarantee, RAID1 storage, 24/7support with server monitoring plus Shell Access (SSH) and Full Root.

This hosting provider offers you maximum RAM capacity which is 64 GB that’s higher than what you’ll get from other hosting providers.

Also, if you’re a developer or web designer, you could get a dedicated server and host your client’s site on your server.

Cloud Hosting:

DreamCloud will offer you SSH in 30 seconds or less. DreamHost can be helpful if your business requires a private cloud to help it achieve enough growth.

DreamCloud contains DreamCompute (for public cloud computing) and DreamObjects (which is a scalable storage solution).

For this plan, you can choose from 3 cloud servers hosting i.e 8GB RAM server, 2GB RAM server and 512MB RAM server.

All plans offer you 1v CPU, free bandwidth, 80GB SSD disk, 100GB block storage for a price of $4.50/month.

All the same, you should choose the most suitable and best Webhosting plan from DreamHost.

WordPress Hosting:

WordPress endorses DreamHost and is among the most popular website builder today. You can access DreamHost services starting from $2.59/ month.

DreamHost offers you 4 WordPress hosting plans which include Starter, Basic, Advanced and the Plus plans. 

If you have a start-up and you would like to buy WP hosting for your website, going for the starter hosting plan would be the best option for you.

And the basic WP hosting plan would be best for your blog. If your website is moderately trafficked, then the Plus WP plan works great and for high trafficked websites you can get the Advanced Hosting plan.

All the WordPress hosting plans have common features which include Email hosting, easy to use customized control panel and 24/7 hour support.


DreamHost has included a handful of valuable features into each of their best Webhosting plans.

Website Builder

DreamHost Remixer website builder services are intended for people who want to set up their websites immediately with little-to-no-coding knowledge. 

The plans are reasonably priced, and start from $4.95/month and comprise of:

  • Free domain name
  • Unlimited websites & pages
  • 24/7 support
  • Mobile-friendly pages
  • Email accounts for the premium plan only
  • Email Hosting and Domain Name Registrar

Other services include:

It offers you a domain registrar with more than 400 top-level-domains. The hosting provider has included domain management services plus free private domain registration to this bundle.

Email hosting plans are available at a monthly fee of $1.67 and include IMAP support, 25 GB mailbox, and advanced security features such as virus, phishing and spam protection.

WooCommerce hosting is available under managed WordPress hosting and comes with SSL certificate, free migration services, and 1-click backup restore service.

Is DreamHost Right For You?

This Webhosting provider makes a good option for most people. They offer solid support, fair prices, and an unlimited policy (for bandwidth and storage) which makes for remarkable and attractive perks for most.

Furthermore, their performance is among the best out there, meaning that your sites and project will be hosted safely at DreamHost.

However, keep in mind that if you’re going for professional features such as integrated caching, staging areas, and pre-installed Git repositories, then DreamHost might not be for you.

Also, it is not best for you if your audience mostly comes from outside North America


The next part of our DreamHost review, we’ll look at aspects that makes this provider stand out.


Your website’s uptime is a crucial element to any best Webhosting experience. This means, if your site is down, your customers or clients won’t be able to access or even find your services and products.

While DreamHost’s 24-month uptime is at 99.94% which is above average, the best part is that the hosting provider offers a guarantee of 100% uptime.

Note that user errors or scheduled maintenance aren’t included in this guarantee.

Nonetheless, any other hosting issue that will mess with your webmail, email, site, or database can initiate this guarantee.

Hence, you’ll receive a day’s worth of service for free for each hour of interruption experienced. You can rely on DreamHost to offer you a rock-solid hosting foundation for your site.


Going for $4.95 per month, you could get this plan when using DreamHost. The monthly billing option makes it possible to cancel whenever you want and at no extra cost. 

Plus it will offer you the same features accessible using the annual plans. This payment option is perfect for you aren’t able to make one large payment on the annual plans. 

Also, it’s ideal if you’re not sure how long you’ll need your site, and it’s a unique option that isn’t available from all other web hosts.

Note that the monthly fee is higher compared to the annual fee. However, it might be worth it should you prefer to have the flexibility of per-month billing.


While DreamHost offers 24/7/365 support, you can’t call their support team. But, for a fee, they do offer to call you.

Additional customer support options are:

  • Live chats (these are often available when there aren’t many support staff working on tickets). This support option is permanent for all customers that pay monthly call-back fees.
  • Support via twitter
  • An active forum

Most of the staff are WordPress experts who can help people in search of specific knowledge.


DreamHost offers the industry’s longest money-back guarantee of 97 days and this is considered a very generous offering. When you cancel your hosting within 97 days after joining, you’ll get a refund.

But, this comes with several caveats. A refund only applies when you buy your hosting by checking out using Google Checkout or using a credit card, and that you bought shared hosting.


DreamHost is among hosting providers who’re more environmentally conscious. The company goes beyond balancing their server’s carbon footprint.

As such, their datacenters use “high-efficiency” processors and cooling systems. Also, they’re part of state-level ‘clean wind’ programs that harness renewable resources.

Besides, DreamHost offices are EnergyStar and LEED-certified. Plus everything from HVAC to lighting systems is energy efficient.


When you’re looking to operate an e-commerce store using DreamHost, it should come as no surprise when you see many helpful features that are focused on keeping your store secure and fast. 

Some of these features include:

  • Easy App installation such as Magento
  • WooCommerce integration (for WordPress users)
  • Free SSL Certificates come pre-installed via Let’s Encrypt
  • WordPress users can choose a pre-installed storefront
  • Server-level cached for speed
  • Inbuilt WAF security for preventing malware attacks
  • Automatic security updates
  • Root access available for Dedicated hosting options
  • “Remixer” — a one-click website building tool that requires no coding to install.


For detailed information on this hosting company, our next part of this DreamHost review will be focused on answering some of the most common questions we get from you.

Which hosting plan should I buy?

The answer will depend on your web hosting needs. As you start, it is recommended that you choose DreamHost’s shared plan.

They offer a single shared web hosting plan that makes it easy for you to get set up with an account. 

When you want to set up an online store, we recommend you go for the WooCommerce hosting that is specifically developed to sustain eCommerce websites.

Can DreamHost plans handle high traffic?

DreamHost can handle high traffic. However, take note that it will depend on the hosting plan you choose. 

That being said, depending on the plan you get, if your website starts using too many resources, DreamHost will recommend that you upgrade and get a higher plan.

Can I upgrade my DreamHost web hosting plan later?

We do recommend that you start with a smaller plan then upgrade as and when needed. Plus DreamHost makes it easy for you to make upgrades.

Can I set up an eCommerce site on DreamHost?

Simply put, yes.  With WooCommerce hosting, this option comes pre-configured with all that you’ll need to start and run an online store.

Do I need to buy the add-ons offered by DreamHost?

No, you don’t have to buy any add-ons when setting up your site. However, if you later decide that you do need them, you can include them to your account.

Does DreamHost offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space?

Like any other web hosting provider, DreamHost also promotes unlimited resources. 

By saying unlimited, DreamHost means that you won’t have to be concerned with disk storage or bandwidth since you’ll get enough resources to run a small website in normal hosting conditions.

Should I register my domain name with DreamHost?

No. Although you can claim your free domain name when getting a hosting plan, DreamHost does not require that you register a domain name. 

Other places you can use to register is NameCheap, Godaddy, or a domain name registrar that you prefer.

Where are the company’s servers located?                     

DreamHost has cloud services that are located in the USA, however, they are accessible from anywhere worldwide. 

DreamCompute is at their Ashburn, Virginia data centre, and DreamObjects is at their Irvine, California data centre.


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