GreenGeeks Hosting Review 2020: Best Green Web Hosting Provider?

GreenGeeks hosting was established in 2006 with the aim of providing inexpensive, and powerful best green web hosting services.

Since then the company has grown and now serves more than 40,000 customers and hosts more than 500,000 websites hence earning itself a name as the industry’s leading green hosting service provider.

GreenGeek’s hosting and website services are accessible to beginners and even intermediate website owners. GreenGeeks is a perfect fit for you if you’re considering starting your website and it allows you to easily scale up using a single host.

Free domain name with free site migrationDomain and Setup fees are non-refundable  
Environmentally Friendly  Confusing pricing as opposed to the market price  
30-day money-back refund policy  No Asian datacentres
Unlimited disk space + data transfer  Hosting costs increases during the renewal
Latest speed technology   
Automatic nightly data backups   
Fast servers (using PHP7, SSD, HTTP/2, built-in caching and more)   

Green Hosting

GreenGeeks’ hosting is committed to sustainability something that outshines what many green Webhosting providers are committed to.

They are notable with a 300% commitment to renewable energy, which makes GreenGeeks the cleanest hosting provider on the market that we could find.

Green hosting helps support a key part of the hosting industry, making this a far more resource-intensive service than many people realize.

This is considering it’s easy to ignore the energy and environmental resources needed to host websites.

Why is Green Hosting Important to You?

It’s important that we preserve our environment as much as we can. This also means we should consider our well-being and that of future generations.

Most web hosting servers across the globe are powered using fossil fuels. Hence one web hosting server gives off 1,390 pounds of carbon dioxide CO2 every year.

GreenGeeks provides you with the best green web hosting that’s powered using 300% of renewable energy. As one of the best green web hosting providers, GreenGeeks helps create triple the energy we consume.

The company also work with environmental foundations and they also buy wind energy credits to put back to the power grid.

Each aspect of GreenGeeks’ hosting business and platform is made such that it is energy efficient.

When it concerns energy use, the web hosting industry is ranked among other industries like air travel. Due to this huge discrepancy, this is what led to the establishment of GreenGeeks by CEO Trey Gardner.

As an EPA Green Power Partner, GreenGeeks will provide you with strong eco-friendly “green” services without compromising on quality and performance.

Without a doubt, high technology performance is this web hosting provider’s core focus.

While GreenGeek’s carbon footprint stands at zero, it also helps negate the energy usage by two other companies of the same size.


GreenGeeks has several hosting plans depending on your needs. That said, we’ll be looking at two plans; that is the shared hosting and WordPress plans.

This will give you an idea of what you can expect as you sign up for any of their best green web hosting services.


GreenGeeks has 3 packages under the shared hosting plans.

In the past, many people wanted Webhosting that comes with impeccable uptime and at a low-cost.  But the customers today want seamless uptime, workflow, speed, and scalability all in a single package.

The company has over time optimized their Ecosite Starter plan to include all the hosting features that clients want. That’s why GrenGeeks provide their clients with a direct sign up for this service right from their website.

Instead of going for an expensive hosting plan that comes with extra features, that the average person knows little about – they’ve created a more optimized hosting service for their customers.

Their vision allows their customers to focus to be on setting up, growing and managing their websites without worrying about the workings of the technology.

Earlier this year, the provider introduced a scalable hosting feature which allows their customers to easily include computing resources like RAM, CPU, and I/O— thus doing away with the need to upgrade to Virtual Private Servers.

By choosing any of their plans, you’ll enjoy features like:

  • Unlimited sub & parked domains
  • cPanel dashboard that’s easy to use
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Scalable resources
  • Softaculous with a one-click install of 250+ scripts
  • Easily choose your datacenter
  • Free CDN integration
  • eCommerce features such as Shopping cart and SSL certificate install
  • Free SSH & secure FTP accounts
  • PowerCacher caching solution
  • Python and Perl support

Upon setup, you’ll get a free domain name, free site migration, as well as access to GreenGeeks exclusive drag & drop page builder that allows you to create a site easily.

The shared hosting pricing starts from $3.95/month (only when you pay for 3 years). Otherwise, this hosting plan goes for $9.95/month.

Also, they have Ecosite Pro and Ecosite Premium plans as upgrade options if you need it.


GreenGeeks also offers WordPress hosting, that’s similar to the shared hosting plan however, it has a few additional features what they refer to as “FREE WordPress Enhanced Security”.

Even then, GreenGeeks hosting plans include modern speed technologies.

The provider has 3 WordPress plans. These often use shared hosting which means you’ll be sharing a server with other WP sites.

However, for most cases, this setup is more than enough.

Managed WordPress Hosting

This hosting plan is perfect for “managed” WP hosting — this means that all the technical aspects of setting up your server are catered for and include:

WordPress migration

Free transfer and domain name registration

The WordPress core is updated automatically

Also, site security scans are handled for you

Your site is protected from DDoS and brute force attacks

Also, your site is secluded from other sites set up on the shared hosting server, which adds to the site’s protection level.

You can access US-based support 24/7.

Essentially, your site will run securely in an optimized WP environment. Plus it will be online all the time.

Also, GreenGeeks offers several other WordPress tools.

Additional Content Management Systems

This web hosting provider offers it’s customers specialized plans that target users of the Drupal and Joomla CMSs. Therefore, if WordPress isn’t working for you, GreenGeeks has something for you as well.


The GreenGeeks cPanel has some customizations that make it easy to set up your site and add more features. To start with, their cPanel is very organized and intuitive.

Additionally, it has tons of hidden gems that can help you setup and grow your site.

Is GreenGeeks Right for You?

Having read our GreenGeeks review to this point, you may be wondering whether this is the best web host for you.

Well, we reviewed GreenGeeks hosting services in detail, and we are convinced that it’s the “Most Eco-Friendly Web Hosting” thus far.

This is considering the hosting industry is greatly impacting our environment.

By being a GreenGeek customer, you will be supporting renewable energy thus protecting our environment.

GreenGeeks is a recognized US EPA Green Power Partner that helps reduce your web hosting impact on our environment.

What Makes GreenGeeks Hosting Services Stand Out?

Let’s look at some of the features that you’ll enjoy when using GreenGeeks hosting.

#1.Customer Service and Support Services

This hosting provider provides email and live chat support tickets 24/7. They also provide phone support during the week from 9 am to midnight EST starting Monday to Friday and 9 am to 8 pm EST on Saturday and Sunday.

For customers using the managed WordPress hosting, there are WordPress experts available who can help direct you in setting up your site or address all WordPress-related issues.

Most of their customer reviews enthusiastically talk about their excellent support. GreenGeeks are reputed for responding quickly to customer inquiries and offering expert help despite the issue.

Knowledge Base

Also, GreenGeeks personnel has a broad Knowledge Base, and you can reach them via email, live chats, and even offer phone support( but only during specified periods).

Also, they have specific website tutorials that can help answer things like working with WordPress, establishing email accounts, and even starting an eCommerce shop.

#2. Reliable Infrastructure

As concerns web hosting, speed, power, and security are very important. For this reason, GreenGeeks created their whole system using a reliable infrastructure that’s powered by 300% renewable and clean energy.

GreenGeeks has 5 data centers that you can choose from that are based in Phoenix and Chicago in the US, Toronto and Montreal in Canada and Amsterdam (NL).

Once you choose your data center, you’ll ensure that your targeted audience can access your site content within the shortest time possible.

Also, you’ll enjoy datacenter features like:

  • Dual-city power feed grids and a battery backup
  • On-site diesel generator and automated transfer switch
  • Automatic climate and temperature throughout the facilities
  • 24/7 staff, with datacenter engineers and technicians
  • Key card and biometric security systems
  • FM 200 fire suppression systems that are server-safe

Also, GreenGeeks can access most major bandwidth service providers and their servers are power-efficient.

#3. eCommerce Capable

All GreenGeeks hosting plans are inclusive of many eCommerce features, and this is essential if you operate an online shop.

First off, you’ll be offered a free Encrypt Wildcard SSL certificate that serves to reassure customers that both their financial and personal information is completely secure.

When it concerns SSL certificates, it’s good to know that the Wildcard ones are perfect because you can use them for unlimited subdomains in a domain name.

Subsequently, if you want a shopping cart included on your eCommerce website, you can easily install it using their one-click install software.

Above all, we must mention here that the provider’s servers are PCI compliant, and this further ensures your site data is secure.

GreenGeek’s server will offer you amazing overall page load speeds. Their 12-month average stood at 305 ms only.

But, these tests were carried out on a static website. However, they have now changed their demo accounts to operate WordPress.

Due to these, the speeds have increased substantially to 750 ms. Such results only help show that this is because of computational power considering that a higher level hosting plan offers much faster page loading times.

#4.Exclusive Website Builder

By using GreenGeeks web hosting, you’ll have access to their built-in Website Builder which will make your site creation process go smoothly.

When you use this tool, you’ll enjoy the below features:

  • Hundreds of pre-designed site templates to get you started
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly themes
  • Drag & drop feature that doesn’t require coding skills
  • 24/7 dedicated support system
  • SEO optimization

GreenGeeks website builder can easily be activated after you get GreenGeeks hosting.


Below is a look at answers to some of GreenGeeks most asked questions:

What type of Webhosting plans can I get from GreenGeeks?

GreenGeeks has different hosting plans that include WordPress hosting, Shared hosting, Reseller hosting, Dedicated servers and VPS hosting.

Which payment options does GreenGeeks accept?

You can pay for this service using all the major credit cards (American Express, Visa, and Mastercard), and PayPal.

Is GreenGeeks web hosting good?

This hosting provider is a well-respected and established web host with excellent support, solid infrastructure, and is focused on the environment.

The company offers a wide variety of hosting services, however, they focus mainly on the shared hosting for Newbies to hosting. In their other hosting offers, they offer you more room to grow no matter your needs.

Where are their data centers located?

As mentioned earlier, GreenGeeks has 5 data centers that are located in Chicago, Phoenix, Toronto, Montreal and Amsterdam.

Additionally, GreenGeeks offers easy-integration to its Cloudflare CDN. Hence, your content is available to your visitors from servers that are located near them.

Do I get a domain name from the shared hosting plans?

The shared hosting plans are accompanied by a free domain name in the first year.

Keep in mind that, if you, however, choose a free domain name then apply for a refund on your chosen hosting, you’ll pay for the domain name thus this domain name is yours.

Does GreenGeeks come with cloud hosting?

This hosting company has never provided cloud hosting. So far they have offered their customers VPS plans that use dedicated resources with virtual computers.

Their base plan offers 4 CPU cores, 50 GB SSD storage, 2 GB RAM, and 10 TB in bandwidth at a cost of $39.95/month.


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