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Hostgator is one web hosting company that you will certainly come across if you try to search for the most prominent in the industry. The web host currently offers its services to a customer base comprising of about ten million users. Its huge customer base is one of the core reasons why it is one of the largest web host and related services provider globally. The web host company was founded by Brent Oxley in 2002 before it was acquired by Endurance International Group in 2012.

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  • High renewal fees
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Just like all other web hosts, Hostgator offers diverse plans to suit the multiple needs of its customers. One of such hosting option is its Cloud Hosting. As opposed to other web hosting options, cloud hosting simply entails hosting your website on several remote servers. In essence, your website is not limited to one local server.  This is good news for fast-growing sites likely to have increase in their website traffic over time. The current review will extensively examine Hostgator’s Cloud Hosting options. It will highlight the plans available, the pricings and the pros and cons of the option. The review will also contain insights into what other customers are saying about this hosting plan.

HostGator Cloud Hosting Plans

Hostgator introduced its cloud hosting plans to offer its customers increased scalability, reliability and performance. This increased deliverables is without compromising on their ability to access the traditional cPanel features which most people are familiar with. The cloud plans give customers access to what is known as Intuitive Performance Cloud Hosting Dashboard. This gives them real time metrics on server uptime, resource utilization and page download speed, among others.

HostGator has three major cloud hosting plans namely:

  1. Hatchling Cloud
  2. Baby Cloud
  3. Business cloud

Hatchling Cloud

With HostGator’s Hatchling cloud plan, you are able to host just one domain. It entitles you to 2GB RAM storage capacity.  The Hatchling cloud plan is ideal for new websites who are not quite sure how well their website would perform. It gives you the opportunity to start small while still ensuring that you can access additional resources should you require them. With the plan, you get a Free SSL certificate. If you want features such as SiteLock monitoring, professional email or any of HostGator’s SEO tools, you will be required to pay additional fees annually.

In summary, with the hatchling cloud plan, your website gets:

  1. 1 domain name
  2. 2 CPU cores
  3. 2 GB RAM
  4. Local caching
  5. Free SSL certificate
  6. unlimited sub domains
  7. Unmetered bandwidth
  8. Unmetered storage 

The introductory offer for the hatchling plan starts at $4.95 monthly. Renewal afterwards is $8.95 monthly. 

Baby Cloud

The Baby Cloud is Hostgate’s most popular cloud plan and this is all thanks to its amazing features. With the Baby Cloud Plan, one gets the following: 

  1. Unlimited domain names 
  2. 4 CPU cores
  3. 4 GB RAM
  4. Local caching
  5. Free SSL certificate
  6. unlimited sub domains
  7. Unlimited parked domains
  8. Unmetered bandwidth
  9. Unmetered storage 

Its introductory price is $7.95 monthly. Subsequent renewals will cost you about $11.95 monthly.

Business Cloud

The last, but definitely not the least cloud hosting plan from Hostgator is the Business Cloud Plan. This plan shares a lot of similarities with the Baby plan. It however differs in some respect. For instance, as opposed to the 4 CPU cores of the Baby Cloud plan. Business Cloud gives you 6 CPU cores. Also, it gives you access to 6GB RAM.

Business Cloud is the only plan that comes with one dedicated IP address. It is impossible to get this if you opt for the Hatchling cloud plan. You would need to pay an extra $4 monthly to enjoy this feature with the Baby Cloud Plan.

The Business Cloud Plan starts at $9.95 monthly. Upon the expiration of the first term, renewal is pegged at $17.95 monthly.


Hostgator has really put in a lot of work in ensuring that all its cloud hosting plans have some very useful features. Some of these impressive features are:

  • Local Caching

HostGator has a custom-made caching system which comes with all cloud hosting accounts. With this, your site visitors have even faster access to your site’s content.

  • Data Mirroring

    It is possible that for one uncontrollable factor or the other, your site contents get compromised. HostGator has envisaged this possibility and thus made available 3 copies of your websites on multiple devices. The implication of this is that should one source get compromised, you have 2 other sources to fall back on. This feature is available for all its cloud hosting plans.

  • Seamless Resource Management

This is one distinct feature of cloud hosting services generally. HostGator however takes it a step further with its intuitive resource management tool. With it, monitoring and allocating resources at different points is easier.

  • Automatic Switchover

The resources used by your site are gotten from different servers and this gives room for increased security. However, if any server develops an issue, Hostgator’s platform aids automatic switchover to a functional server. This would not in any way interrupt the functionality of your website.

What are the Pros of HostGator Cloud Hosting Plans?

Quality Uptime   

Perhaps one of the most important metrics to consider before selecting a web host is its uptime.  From series of testing, we have discovered that HostGator’s average uptime rate mostly is about 99.9%. This is definitely one of the best uptime rates in the industry. 

Hostgator also gives 99.9% uptime guarantee. Should it breach this guarantee, it promises to give free hosting.  In the uptime context, cloud hostgator has two important perks over the shared platform. The first is that it offers more reliability as it has more resources which invariably reduces the chances of downtime. Also, it offers accessible upgrades which you can easily purchase when necessary and disable when they are no longer necessary. This gives room for better resources management. 

Speedy Load time

Every online business would appreciate the importance of speedy loading times. In fact, studies have shown that 74% of website visitors abandon any website that has anything above 4 seconds loading time. In this regard, the cloud platform performs excellently well. All three of Hostgator’s cloud hosting plans delivers on fast response time. 

Free SSL Certificate

Security is another metric that customers look out for before selecting a web host. This reason is not far-fetched as website visitors avoid sites that are not secure. Security of a website has much to do with the existence of an SSL certificate. HostGator makes this certificate available for free to the domains hosted on their platform.  

Flexible Platform

While the cloud plans cost more than the shared host plans, you can be sure that you are also getting more benefits. When you need additional resources, you can easily access them since cloud host plans have interconnected multiple servers. You can easily allocate available resources when necessary particularly in circumstances when your site gets traffic spikes. This is unlike a lot of other plans such as shared hosting where the major option available is that you upgrade your plan.  Also, you can decide to increase the CPU of your site on any of the cloud hosting options with no need to upgrade your plan.

Lots of extra benefits

With Cloud Hosting plan, you get a lot of free perks such as managed cloud resources, integrated caching and data mirroring. The HostGator Cloud Hosting plan also gives you a free server monitoring which alerts you whenever there is a hardware problem.  It also offers you free migration should you need to migrate from a different web host.

User Friendly Interface

HostGator is friendly for both those who are just starting out with websites as well as the pro users. The  HostGator Cloud Plans are relatively easy to use. All the plans come with interfaces that are relatively easy to manage.

Accessible Customer Support

One other upside of HostGator Cloud Hosting is that it gives you access to an all-year round customer support. They also have an impressive support portal that contains lots of step-by-step tutorials that address a lot of questions. At the moment, their YouTube Channel has over 500 helpful video tutorials.Should your answers not be sufficiently answered, you can contact them via their online chat or phone support.

What are the Cons of HostGator Cloud Hosting Plans?

High Renewal Fees

HostGator appears pretty cheap when you first set up with them. However, the price skyrockets after the first term expires.  The cost of renewal is a bit high. For instance, sign-up for hatchling cloud is $4.95 monthly with a commitment of 3 months. However, renewal is $9.95 monthly with a commitment for 24 months or $8.95 monthly with a commitment for 36 months. For baby cloud plan, it is $7.95 when you sign up but renewal for 24 or 36 months is pegged at $12.95 or $11.95 monthly respectively.  For business cloud, the initial cost is $9.95 monthly with a 36 months commitment. However, renewal for 24 or 36 months is for $18.95 and 17.95 monthly respectively.

Daily Backup is not free

Every blog needs daily backup. However, this is not guaranteed with HostGator Cloud hosting. They offer backup once every week but this would not restore your site automatically. To get your own daily backup, you may have to resort to installing a plug-in for that purpose. In the alternative, you may purchase Hostgator’s tool known as CodeGuard. This goes for $24 annually and it is a standard backup and restore tool.

HostGator Cloud Hosting Plans (FAQs)

How Reliable is HostGator Cloud Host?

As a web host company, HostGator is quite reliable and this extends to all their services. Hostgator guarantees you over 99% uptime yearly and this is as good as it gets. In addition to that, they have a responsive customer support to attend to you when you encounter any challenge or need clarification.

How often does Hostgator backup data?

Not so often. HostGator backs up your data only once a week and that is not even guaranteed. It is advisable that you sort out your own daily backup plans independent of HostGator’s weekly backup.

How Does payment work?

There are different payment plans with HostGator. You can decide to pay monthly or make payment for a period of time in advance. Paying monthly is usually very expensive and it is advisable to pay in advance for a defined period.

What Payment Options are available?

HostGator accepts payment via Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express. They also accept payment via PayPal.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes.  You can do this by simply completing the HostGator Cancellation Form. In the alternative, you can reach out to their Billing Department to help with the cancellation.

Does HostGator have a refund policy?

HostGator offers customers a 45-day refund guarantee. You receive a full refund if you cancel within the 45 days time frame. If you decide to cancel after, you are entitled to a pro-rated refund depending on the time unused.

What Security Measures does HostGator Have?

HostGator has customer firewall rules, DDoS protection, among others in place to enhance the security of your website.

Final Words

From our detailed review of HostGator’s Cloud Hosting plans, it is an obvious conclusion that it is a decent choice for customers looking for effective cloud hosting. The only downside may be the price that surges after the expiration of the first term. However, regardless of the price, you get to enjoy impressive features such as standard uptime and other quality features.  HostGator also has a responsive customer service available to respond to your questions and queries. They also have a rich knowledge database which is definitely a plus for you if you are new to web hosting.


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