Hostinger Review 2020: Why We Think Hostinger May Be Right For You

Since its inception in 2004, Hostinger has undergone a lot of commendable changes. Perhaps the first and most obvious change is its name change from Hosting Media to Hostinger.  Hostinger now has more than 29 million customers with diverse offices across 170 countries globally. Its huge customer base raises a presumption that the company must be doing something really well. This review will confirm or rebut that presumption by examining all the important details about this web hosting company.

What are Hostinger’s Web Hosting Options?

Shared Web Hosting

With Hostinger’s shared web hosting, your site is set up on the same server with a number of other websites. This means all the websites have to utilize the resources offered by one single server. This is a cheaper form of hosting since it means the costs of hosting on the server are shared amongst all the websites.  However, while it may be cheaper, it may slowdown the loading time of your website.

Shared Web Hosting Plans

Single Plan:

  • This plan starts at $0.99 monthly with a commitment for 48 months. Renewal after the expiration of this period is $2.15 monthly.  Its features include:
  • 1 website and an easy website builder
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • 10 GB Disk Space
  • 1 Email Account
  • 1 FTP User
  • 1 MySQL Database

Premium Plan:

  • This Plan starts at $2.89 monthly with a commitment for 48 months. Its features include:
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited FTP Users
  • Unlimited MySQL Database
  • Free Domain name which comes with the annual plan
  • 3x optimized speed

Business Plan:

This is the most expensive of the shared hosting plans and it has some additional features to justify the price. It starts at $3.99 monthly with a commitment period of 48 months. In addition to the features of the premium plan, you enjoy:

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Twice the usual processing  memory and capacity
  • Daily backups
  • 5x optimized speed

Cloud Web Hosting

With cloud web hosting, you have several servers powering your website. This means there are different resources available to be used by your website. With more resources for your website comes a faster loading time.

Hostinger has the following plans for its cloud web hosting service:

  • Cloud Startup

The cloud startup starts at $12.95 monthly with a year’s commitment or $29 monthly. With this plan, you get:

  1. 40GB Storage
  2. 3GB RAM
  3. Unilimited data transfers monthly
  • Cloud Professional

This plan starts at $22 monthly with a year’s commitment or $58 monthly. This plan gives you the folloeing benefits

  1. 80GB Storage
  2. 6GB RAM
  • Cloud Enterprise

Hostinger’s Cloud Enterprise begins at $45 monthly with a year’s commitment or $130 monthly. With this plan, you enjoy the following benefits.

  1. 160GB Storage
  2. 12GB RAM

With all the Cloud Hosting plans, you get:

  1. Free SSL Certificate
  2. Dedicated IP address
  3. Unlimited site hosting
  4. Money back guarantee
  5. One click installer
  6. Daily backups
  7. Uptime monitoring
  8. Cache manager  

VPS Web Hosting

VPS Web Hosting is Virtual private server hosting and it is your best bet if you want additional server resources. This server is utilized by fewer number of websites.

Hostinger offers 4 Windows VPS options and should you prefer Linux, it has 6 plans you can select from. Its Linux-based VPS plans ranges between $8.95 monthly and $61.95 monthly depending on your preference and requirements. For its Windows-based Plan, you pay as low as $26 monthly for its basic plan and as high as $250 monthly for its high-end plan. One of the impressive features of opting for any of Hostinger’s VPS plan is that it entitles you to one dedicated IP address. All its plans vary based on memory, bandwidth, storage space and computing power.

WordPress Web Hosting

Easy to use WordPress just became even easier to use with Hostinger’s WordPress Web Hosting. Note that you can use any of Hostinger’s shared plans already discussed above to host your WordPress site. However, Hostinger has some specialized plans that are dedicated solely for WordPress sites. There are three WordPress Web Hosting plans and they have similar features as the shared plans. The following are however some of their additional and specialized features:

  1. 24/7 support from experts in the WordPress industry
  2. Customized LiteSpeed Modules (for more speed)
  3. I-click WordPress Installation
  4. Additional security supported by Nitninja

Having examined the different offerings and plans offered by Hostinger, we shall now highlight the pros and cons of this web hosting service to help you make informed decisions.

What are the Pros of Hostinger

Fast Loading Time

 One of the things that set a good website apart from a bad one is whether or not it has a fast loading time. The speed with which it takes a web page to load depends on several factors and that includes the capability of your web host. This is one benefit of hosting with Hostinger as it has servers in different locations including Europe, USA and Asia. Each of their servers utilizes 1000 mbps connection. This translates to a really fast connection and that is exactly what any webpage needs. Web pages that take longer than 5 seconds are discouraging to customers and Hostinger comes in to save the day by giving you faster loading time.

 Impressive Uptime Quality

You need your website to always be available to site visitors and that is why having quality uptime is highly essential. By hosting your website with Hostinger, you can be assured of a pretty decent uptime quality which boosts the reliability of your site. It is normal for web hosts to have occasional downtimes for valid reasons such as schedule maintenance. However, you can be assured that this downtime would take only a couple of hours

Amazing Customer Service

Irrespective of how great a product is, there would be instances when customers would need clarification as fast as possible. For this reason, products that have good customer service platforms are always the best choices. Hostinger has a live chat which is available for use round the clock. The live chat puts you in contact with professional and efficient representatives of Hostinger. Even more impressive is how fast someone responds to your message prompt. The customer service is available in different languages and you would only need to indicate your preference. Hostinger also boasts of a wealthy knowledge base made up of all necessary tutorials to ensure that your questions and queries are satisfactorily handled.

Friendly features

If your knowledge of web hosting is limited and you need a platform that makes setting up your website easier, Hostinger is right for you.  It has a lot of friendly features such as one-click installations to simplify a lot of processes for first-time users. If you are a pro, Hostinger also has different features such as website caching, CloudFlare CDN integrations.

Simple User Interface

The last place where you need complications is with the interface of your web host and the people at Hostinger know this. As such, they have made their interface really easy to use. Your dashboard makes it easy for you to manage different domains, track any login and even update your billing information. All Hostinger’s options also come with customized hPanel Control panel which is used for website management. This panel is user friendly and the company regularly makes improvements based on feedback gotten.

Competitive Price

You get to enjoy all the benefits and features at a really affordable price. Hostinger has different packages to suit your needs and your pocket and it ranks on the list of the cheapest web hosts. As already highlighted above, Hostinger has shared hosting and cloud hosting. Each has three levels of prices and the least is about $0.99 monthly. To make their services more attractive, Hostinger often has special deals and limited time offers.  Payment with Hostinger is secured and they accept different payment methods including Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, American Express, Bitcoin, Ehtereum and Litecoin.

Money Back Guarantee

Another advantage of Hostinger is that you get a 30-day money back guarantee should you sign up and find that they are unable to meet your web hosting needs for one reason or the other.

What are the Cons of Hostinger?

As you rightly expected, Hostinger is not perfect and there are some parts of its operations and services that require improvement. Some of its cons which we observed include:

Its Custom CPanel may be a turnoff

Hostinger targets simplicity for all its steps and features and this reflects on its CPanel. However, for people with preference for the traditional dashboard, Hostinger’s custom CPanel may put them off.

Hostinger lacks email and phone support

The only form of customer service option available with Hostinger is live chat support. If you cannot access any of their online representatives for any reason, you cannot opt for email or phone alternatives. This is discouraging when you need a response urgently.

It offers limited number of hosting options

The target customer base of Hostinger is basically the entry-level website owners. For this reason, Hostinger does not have advanced hosting choices such as dedicated hosting services. Should you want any of the advanced options, you may need to opt for another web host.

FAQs about Hostinger

How many servers does Hostinger have?

Hostinger has about 7 servers located in different regions including US, UK, Singapore, Indonesia and Netherlands. Plans to set up a server in Lithuania are underway.

Does Hostinger allow the use of a domain not registered with it?

Yes, Hostinger allows this. Their website contains full and in-depth tutorials on the relevant steps to take to get your domain name linked with your Hostinger website.

Is Hostinger a good choice for hosting ecommerce website?

Some major concerns for ecommerce businesses when it comes to web hosting are security and loading time. With Hostinger, you get a free SSl certificate and some other features that enhance the safety of your website. There are also features to ensure that your website has a fast loading time. In addition, Hostinger supports the installation of online scripts like Magento which allows you build your online store from scratch.

Does Hostinger offer any guarantee or refund for downtime concerns?

Yes, Hostinger offers 99.9 percent uptime guarantee which is the industry standard. Should they fall below the expected service level, you are entitled to request for a 5 percent credit off the monthly hosting fee.

Is Purchasing Hostinger’s add-ons compulsory?

No, it is not compulsory to purchase any of Hostinger’s add-on at the point of subscribing for any of its plans. You do not need any of these add-ons to set up your website. You can decide to purchase any of them later should the need to do so arise.

What happens when I have exceeded the bandwidth usage?

You have two options when you have exceeded the bandwidth usage for your plan. You either reduce the usage or choose to upgrade your plan.

How Well Can Hostinger Handle Traffic?

Hostinger can handle traffic really well and its capability depends largely on what plan you opt for. For instance, once your website begins to use up a lot of server resources if you are using a shared plan, you would be required to upgrade your plan. 

Final Words

Hostinger is no doubt one web hosting company with a plethora of options for customers seeking affordable yet high performing web hosting services. If you desire web hosting with impressive features such as quality uptime at a competitive price, Hostinger is right for you. Hostinger provides different kinds of web hosting services for a wide range of customers.

This ranges from hosting gaming services to hosting ecommerce websites. Thus, anyone in search of a web host which is really pocket-friendly yet efficient would find Hostinger to be a good option. This does not however mean that Hostinger is perfect. It has its downsides, but they are not major issues that should discourage any entry-level user from choosing Hostinger.


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