iPage Hosting Review [2020]: Pros, Cons, and Features

iPage is one of the best web hosting providers on the market. The uptime of the host is very reliable with only a few occurrences over the last few years. You are not just set up with a host but there are also other features like that of automated malware removal. Uptime is going to be the most important aspect of a host as a website being down is sure to lose revenue for a blogger or company.

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iPage has been around since the last 1990s and hosts over `a million websites. These websites are hosted via multiple data centers located around the US. If you are looking for an affordable option iPage delivers quality for just a few dollars per month.

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Web Hosting Cost
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One Click App Installation
  • Cheap, Inexpensive and Advanced Security Options
  • Support for 3rd Party Apps, 24x7 Customer Support
  • 99.6% Uptime Guaranteed
  • Average loading time
  • No Cpanel
  • Web Hosting Renewal Is Expensive
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Even your domain name is free for the first year just adding to the value and convenience that iPage offers customers. Your bandwidth is not limited and the plan comes with an SSL certificate on the house! The affordable nature of this host might leave some potential customers concerned. Below are main areas that you should focus on when reviewing hosting and how iPage compares to other hosting options on the market.

Positive Aspects of iPage as Your Host

Signing up for a multiyear plan at around 2 dollars a month for 3 years is an incredible deal for what you receive. The uptime is great when compared to other hosts domestically and internationally.

The customer service that iPage provides is top of the line with specialists that will help you work out any issues you are having.

The renewal rate is $7.99 per month after the introductory rate for the first 3 years of hosting.

iPage is not going to be pushy about selling their solution as they only have one plan. Other companies might keep certain features for upgraded plans but iPage does not play these games like other hosting providers. There is a drawback for this affordable host and that is that the first 3 years of the hosting plan need to be paid in advance.

There is no requirement to pay for the 3-year plan as you have the option to select an annual plan as well. The price will be a bit more per month at around $3 and the renewal price is around $10. You are going to pay far more with other hosts as iPage has been dedicated to providing customers with great pricing on their plan and additions.

3rd Party Apps are Abundant

For the $1.99 introductory rate for 3 years, these are a few perks for customers:

  • Free domain name registration for a year and this is a savings of around $20 overall. The plan nearly pays for itself in savings at the start. A free domain associated email can be exactly what you need to legitimize your business. Gmail addresses simply do not look at professional as an email address associated with a company website.
  • Email forwarding and spam filters are other features that iPage provides to their customers. iPage provides great customer service along with easy integration with apps which provides ultimate convenience.
  • Autoresponders can save a person quite a bit of time especially if the website is used to sell or build leads for a business.

Easy to Use for Non Tech Savvy Customers

Building a website is not in everyone’s wheelhouse but iPage has an intuitive website builder. All you have to do is drag and drop to create a website that you can be proud of. With hundreds of templates to start from, you will not have the issue of creating a generic website. Apps are easy to install and you do not have to worry about integration with popular content management platforms.

Making money is the goal of many people that are building websites with ecommerce booming in today’s digital age. There are a variety of ecommerce tools that can be used which will make it easy to process payments if you have little or no experience doing this in the past. A reliable host is imperative for ecommerce websites as every minute a website is down, it is crippling revenue during that time. The immense number of conversions that a great website on a reliable host can generate will be nothing short of amazing. A company that commonly has their website down might lose customers or make current customers wary of the reliability of the business overall.

Money Back Guarantee?

Being able to get your money back within a month after signing up with iPage can help quell concerns about the hosting giant. There doesn’t have to be adequate reasoning to cancel, iPage simply refunds your money if you are not happy. Fees can be associated with cancelling though as the free domain name is not refundable and costs anywhere from $15 to $20.

Loading Times are not Lacking

The last thing that anyone running a business wants is their website to load at extremely slow speeds. Ecommerce conversions are impacted by loading times as people do not want to waste time on a website that is terribly unresponsive. The loading times average around 750ms which is a strong loading time but is not going to be the fastest on the market. Take care of the small details by opting for a host with great loading times as it will impact overall revenue and website sales.

Uptime is Nearly Perfect

The uptime of iPage is a huge positive feature with uptime being well over 99 percent and nearly perfect. The last thing that you want is to have a website down during prime selling times like the holidays. Seasonal businesses like Halloween costume websites can be crippled with downtime during October. These businesses can and do sell costumes throughout the year but fall is definitely the most important time of the year for these businesses.

Uptime is a stat that can easily be compared to other hosts to see which one reigns supreme. The uptime is much better than industry averages so keep this in mind. iPage offers 24 hour uptime monitoring so the tech support team will be automatically notified if a website goes down.

Customer Support is Solid

The ability to fix certain issues on your own can be done with iPage as they have tutorials that help solve common website issues. The customer support team uses a ticket system but there are options to call customer support. You can also chat with a support representative for a quick fix or question you might have. There have been concerns that the support team might not understand how to fix certain things and can be a bit slow to answer things via their chat support option. These teams can be overworked so a little patience goes a long way when dealing with customer support professionals.

iPage Hosting Does Have Its Issues

All hosting providers have issues or lack in specific areas when compared to direct competitors. The introductory offering is great but does increase after the first 3 years. The cost quadruples which is not common for some hosting companies as this is a huge increase in monthly cost.

iPage wants its core offering to be affordable which means that many features you desire have an additional cost associated. For those that are running an ecommerce website, security is going to be a priority as you will be handling customer payment information. A basic website that acts as a personal blog might not need that large of a focus on security as not payments are made on the website. Malware is a fact of life in the digital age with people trying to sell private information and steal things like credit card numbers. iPage has an offering of SiteLock which will help keep your site safe from hackers. The fee depends on the level of security that you want with an extra $1.99 being charged for automated malware and hacker protection. Other options can add up to nearly $1000 over the 3-year period which is far too expensive for security on a basic website designed to express yourself.

Backups are important when dealing with hacks as the website can be restored to a previous version before any type of security breach. This can even be quite useful if you have changed your website or want to do A/B testing to see how changes impact sales. The backup service comes with another fee which only adds up to $40 over 3 years. For those that have multiple websites, there is an unlimited plan that costs around $2 a month.

Site Migrations will be Yet Again Another Charge

Web hosts of all sizes usually have no issue moving your current website to their servers. iPage charges for this and for those that aren’t technically savvy this can be nothing short of a nightmare to figure out. Moving the site will cost $150 upfront which simply is not the industry standard. This is definitely a negative aspect of iPage that many hope will result in a change in their policy. Other prices of hosting companies might charge $150 to migrate multiple sites but $150 for one site is not a positive aspect of iPage at all.

vDeck is Used

cPanel is used by a majority of hosting companies as the dashboard for a website. The familiarity is important to some people that work on websites on a daily basis. vDeck is used and can be an issue if you are used to cPanel. For first-time website admins, this won’t be a huge issue as you have not gotten used to a specific dashboard. Learning a new dashboard can be valuable especially with hosting solutions coming out with new platforms constantly.

iPage is Far Better for Smaller Websites

Larger websites and accounts that have a myriad of files or databases associated can actually impact other users of the host in a negative manner. iPage can and will shut down your account if this persists and continues to be an issue. The terms in the fine print reserve the right to do this without notifying a customer. This is the last thing anyone wants but receiving some form of warning is usually done. Dedicated servers could end up being a better investment if your website grows to unforeseen levels. Upgrading services or hosts can be done but it is always better to do the proper research about your website’s particular needs/goals.

iPage Abandoned Their Ecofriendly Business Approach

The consumer in today’s world is more informed on the business practices of brands that they support. iPage during its infancy ran on wind power and even were involved with various EPA programs.  iPage has removed any mention of these programs so it is safe to assume they are no longer involved. There is speculation to why this was done but keeping costs low has always been a priority for iPage. Other hosting companies do utilize more ecofriendly practice but this could result in an increased monthly cost.

Paying for iPage Hosting

The investment upfront could make a potential website administrator a bit worried. PayPal is an option for those that might not have a credit card available. With the 30-day money back guarantee you are not taking any type of risk. You might find the hosting solution is perfect for what you need or lacks in certain areas. The additional costs need to be kept in mind as you want to get the best deal possible.

There should be no issue understanding how valuable iPage can be for your hosting solution. There are better hosting options that are available but there are far more expensive. You need to set goals for your website then pick a host that. For the price it is difficult to not take the time to try out iPage against another hosting solution. iPage is recommended for those that will not be storing immense numbers of files. For smaller companies or a website that will be basic iPage can be a great starting point. The fact that a website can easily be built will reduce costs that you would have had to pay a developer or web designer.


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