Netflix Drops Trailer for Creepy French Horror Film The Swarm

Still from The Swarm

Still from The Swarm
Image: Netflix

French horror movie The Swarm (La Nuée) is hitting Netflix on August 6, 2021.

As the first feature film from director Just Philippot, the film traveled the festival circuit. There were screenings at Cannes Critics Week in 2020, and The Swarm won the special jury prize and best actress award at the 2020 Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival. A new trailer dropped on the Netflix youtube channel, and I never knew locusts could be so damn scary.

The Swarm follows Virginie (Suliane Brahim), a mother living with her two children Laura (Marie Narbonne) and Gaston (Raphael Romand), on a crumbling farm where she breeds edible Locusts to save her home. Her life flips upside down when she finds out her insect pets have a taste for blood, and now she has to keep the swarm contained before the bugs break out and terrorize other humans.

Now, if you know anything about French horror, this isn’t going to be some typical bug movie, and the trailer pretty much solidifies this tone. This will be a slow burn and have deeper, darker themes beyond blood-sucking Locust and will probably end badly for everyone involved.

Watch the trailer and let us know what you think.

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