‘Sea snot’ on Turkey’s shores alarms residents | Turkey News

Turkey’s president has promised to rescue the Marmara Sea from an outbreak of “sea snot” that is alarming marine biologists and environmentalists.

A huge mass of marine mucilage – a thick, slimy substance made up of compounds released by marine organisms – has bloomed in Turkey’s Marmara, as well as in the adjoining Black and Aegean Seas.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said untreated waste dumped into the Marmara Sea and climate change caused the sea snot bloom.

Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city with some 16 million residents, and five other provinces, factories and industrial hubs border the sea.

Marine mucilage has reached unprecedented levels this year in Turkey. It is visible above the water as a slimy grey sheet along the shores of Istanbul and neighbouring provinces. Underwater videos showed suffocated coral covered with it.

Marine experts say human waste and industrial pollution is choking Turkey’s seas.

They say the rise in water temperatures from climate change is contributing to the problem.

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