Site Ground Review [2020] : Best Customer Support, Pros, Cons And Guaranteed Uptime

SiteGround appeals to first-time website admins as it is quite affordable with customer support for any questions or issues.

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SiteGround offers a myriad of services that are widely respected throughout the hosting industry. The provider has quite a few options for hosting whether it is cloud hosting or specialized WordPress hosting. The company does have dedicated servers available as well for those that will be storing large numbers of files/information.

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The difference between the support team of SiteGround and other providers is that they provide quick responses. The hosting plans include email accounts which cannot be understated for a startup. Lack of these accounts can make a company seem unprofessional or make it very apparent they are just starting out. Other companies are worried about working with brand new companies as they might not have worked out all of their kinks in their processes.

 A CDN and SSL certificate also comes standard with the hosting solutions that are offered. With nearly perfect uptime and speed that rivals almost any host in the world, SiteGround seems to be a great option for many looking for a reliable host. Below will be the different things that many see as positive about SiteGround and those things that they might want to improve.

Features and Aspects that We Like

The customer service as mentioned above goes above and beyond for all customers. There could be a lack of support at other hosting companies especially when a customer has the most basic package. SiteGround values all of its customers regardless of how much money they spend with them annually. Below are a few more aspects that make SiteGround a great option for a variety of consumers:

  • In a two-year span, uptime was 99.99 percent which is one of the top percentages in the entire industry.
  • Customer service is open with live chat features available around the clock.
  • Applications are easily integrated with this host which is important in an app-driven world.
  • Beginners or website experts will both be able to work with this hosting solution in a convenient way.
  • There are a plethora of hosting solutions including shared, enterprise, dedicated servers for larger organizations, and has cloud hosting available as well.
  • The website builder allows a quality website to be built without coding skills needed.
  • The uptime makes this a perfect solution for an eCommerce store that has issues with their sites being down frequently. This can really hurt business as multiple visits leading to the customer shopping elsewhere can result in the permanent loss of an otherwise loyal customer.
  • The speed of SiteGround is a huge positive as it has been shown that customers are more likely to buy on a website that is extremely fast and responsive. There have been studies done that certain people will leave a website after a few seconds if the desired page doesn’t load promptly.
  • The easy and clear signup process is important as SiteGround does not want to swamp a customer with copious amounts of forms to fill out.

There are things that a person can do to speed up their website as some slow hosts might not have a solution for this issue. Overloading important pages with media and large files can lead to a lower loading time. Using a page speed tool can allow you to see what is potentially slowing down your site if the host is not the issue. Page speed is actually a factor that impacts search engine rankings as Google places importance on visitor experience on a website.

Various Ways Their Customer Service Stands Out

There are some hosts that are a nightmare to work with and SiteGround simply is a pleasure to work with. Issues that customers have will be answered quickly without delay in comparison to other hosts. Below is what you can expect with SiteGround’s incredible customer support:

  • The knowledge base can allow you to solve an issue on your own without having to search for various areas of the website.
  • Calling the company is an option as you will receive immediate answers and solutions to issues you might be encountering.
  • 24/7 chat capabilities will provide fast answers to questions where other hosts took a while. The customer support professionals are knowledgeable about the product they provide. You will not have to wait as a customer support employee simply searches your question hoping they find the answer. The live chat features stand apart due to the knowledgeable staff that SiteGround is employing.

No Cost Site Migration

iPage charges $150 to migrate one site while other companies handle this for free. BlueHost charges $150 but you can migrate up to 5 domains to their servers/hosting solutions. SiteGround allows for the migration of a single website for free and the ease of migration is intuitive even for those that might be inexperienced.

SiteGround has created a plugin that can make WordPress migration seamless and the plugin can be uploaded to a website of any kind. There will be a little bit of work done but the plugin will handle the more complex tasks automatically. Customers that want more help or simply do not want to handle this can invest in an upgraded plan which offers this.

A Guarantee to Get Your Money Back Within 30 Days


15 Days Money Back Guarantee

SideGround is dedicated to customer experience so it is no wonder they do have a guarantee if you are not satisfied with the services they are providing. This guarantee only is for shared hosting plans and dedicated plans will only have a guaranteed time of 15 days.

There are quite a few perks for utilizing plans that SiteGround offers that you might not be able to get a refund for. If you received a free domain name then you will likely have to pay for this. The guarantee does not include those that have renewed with a possible upgrade or downgraded plan.

Beginners and Experts Will Be Well-Served

The needs of a personal blogger that is just starting out building their personal brand might not have experience setting up a website. The website builder that SiteGround offers allows for an easy setup for those that do not have coding skills. SiteGround has massive integration potential whether you are using WordPress or Joomla. Paying a web developer to help integrate technology into a website can be costly especially for a website that is not generating revenue.

Security is going to be a focus of anyone with a website as hacks have happened to even the largest companies in the world. SiteGround has a dedication to security with artificial intelligence preventing attacks and creating nightmares for those trying to gain access to the backend of the website.

Uptime is 99.99 Percent or You Get Free Months of Service

A hosting company that boasts a nearly perfect uptime is reliable, to say the least. You are guaranteed this amazing uptime or it could result in a multitude of customers receiving free hosting services. There is fine print with this as maintenance whether it is planned or in the case of a disaster are not going to count against SiteGround’s uptime.

Free SSL

Anyone that has used Google Chrome understands that lack of SSL certificate can be bypassed. Google does this for your security but a warning can cripple the traffic a specific website is receiving on a monthly basis. SiteGround provides the SSL certificate for free so the information of visitors is kept safe. Google does this to keep people safe as websites commonly are set up with the intention of stealing information.

The Not So Positive Aspects of SiteGround

Even quality hosting providers are going to have aspects that might not be so popular with specific customers. Below are a few aspects where other companies reign supreme in comparison to SiteGround:

  • SiteGround can be more expensive than you initially think as rates do jump up after introductory plans expire. The price pretty much triples after the intro rate for the basic plan. The more expensive plans do not have this percentage of a jump with the rates being less than double for upgraded plans. For this reason, getting the longest period of time on your first contract is imperative. The longest the SiteGround offers this for is 3 years which can be quite a lot of time to build a successful website.
  • There is a setup fee of around $15 which can feel to some customers like they are immediately being nickel and dimed. The company is going to try to get you to sign up for up to a year but unlike other providers, you can sign up for a single month. There is a drawback as you will only get the intro rate for a month then have to pay a much higher monthly cost.
  • The cheaper plan will be far more limited than the basic plans for other hosts. One website can be serviced that can stay up and see around 10,000 monthly visits. For those that are building a company that expects to have far more monthly visits than this, the website could go down with a high influx of traffic on a specific day. Upgrading will be required if traffic continues to increase significantly month after month.
  • A free domain is not given out and will cost you around $16 annually if you do not currently have a domain that you own.

Below are highlights of their various plans:

The basic plan or “Startup Plan” does have the setup fee along with a monthly fee of $3.95. For those starting out that do not anticipate the website to grow in traffic in huge ways during its infancy, this is a great plan. The plan does not lack on customer support and does offer bandwidth with no limits.

Daily backups can be extremely valuable as restoring the website to a previous version might need to be done. This is done if a change impacted the site negatively or there was potential malware that made its way onto the site.

The GrowBig Plan can be perfect for an online publisher that wants to host websites in a variety of niches. This contains everything that the basic plans offer additional features. SuperCacher is a tool that will help with loading time which will directly impact visitor experience on a particular website.

GoGeek is the ultimate hosting plan as it can allow for traffic of up 100,000 unique visits. These types of numbers mean that a website is very popular and can generate revenue through ads as well as other avenues.

The Recommendations When It Comes To SiteGround

When picking any host it is important to ask other website administrators or take time to read reviews like this one. SiteGround has a plethora of great features and with its uptime, there is nothing to complain about. The added costs like that of a domain that will cost a person annually can add up depending on how many domain names were needed.

Picking the right package should be pretty obvious as you understand your plan to grow your personal or business website over the course of time. Keep overhead costs down until the website is generating revenue where possible as cash flow can be an issue at some startups and small businesses. Below are a few tips to help you ensure a great experience using SiteGround:

  • Long-term contracts are going to save you big over the course of time.
  • Purchase your own domain so you do not have the pay an annual fee.
  • Do not hesitate to call customer support as you can get a clear answer very quickly from a professional.
  • Loading times are going to be decent but make sure not to overload certain pages or store too much on the backend of the site.
  • The knowledge center can allow you to become far more savvy in terms of your website.

SiteGround is a hosting solution that is not only versatile but also widely used across multiple continents. This is an option worth investigating further whether you are a beginner or have built various massive websites into a success.


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